My journey to health started when the sky opened and the Facebook gods brought me a local registered dietician/weight training coach. D had the pep of 10 cheerleaders and a physique that would make Hercules cry. At the time, my entire body was swollen, the pain controlled my life. D started with an overhaul on my diet. The plan was tailored to my family and my needs to decrease inflammation and increase protein.
At first, things were great. I dropped 9 pounds. My swelling was reducing more than it had in years. I wasn’t a big fan of adding more meat to my diet, to increase my protein, but I did it. The one thing that didn’t seem to be improving was my stomach pain, bloat and irregularity. Maybe working out would be the answer.
The local gym was terrifying. I had never worked out in my life. Me picking up a weight was laughable. I thought about turning around and changing my mind, but I didn’t. I had already used a month’s worth of grocery money to pay for this opportunity, so I was committed.
Every day, I dragged my young kids out of bed, set them up in a, “gym fort,” with tablets, and I gave D’s workouts my best effort. I was building endurance. I could feel myself getting stronger, but some things remained unchanged. My stomach pain was worse than ever. The swelling was uncontrollable and seemed to occur, no matter what I ate. The scale was moving, but not in the right direction. There were many times I wanted to give up. What was the point? Why work myself so hard for no results? D’s encouragement stayed strong. I could text her night or day and she would give me the confidence to not only continue with diet and exercise, she gave me the confidence to push harder and do better in life.


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