I don’t want everyone thinking my workouts were all Rocky scenes and Katy Perry songs as I drop 100 lbs and dance off in the sunset.

I struggled ever day. My body hurt and broke down in new ways. This year alone, I had influenza A and B, strep, tonsillitis, 2 bone spurs, several tears in my cornea and countless torn muscles and sprained bones. My stomach problems were worse than ever. Some days, I had to leave the gym in the middle of a workout because I was bent over in pain. I went weeks without going, “number 2.” Working out was almost unbearable.

Some days, I ate like shit and skipped the gym, but I always went back. I was beyond intimidated by all the women in the gym. They seemed to be able to work out with a full face of makeup and smell like daisies, while I rained sweat  that soaked everything around me. I smelled like the high-school boy’s locker room and I huffed and puffed like fatty McGee walking up a flight of stairs. All of that and I still pushed myself and I still looked 9 months pregnant.


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