Anyone who can say that many individuals choose to fake disabilities to sponge off of the government,have never tried to be approved for or live off of a disability payment themselves.

The lucky few who have other support needed to survive while struggling through the, average two year time frame, it takes for the application, approval and almost always the appeal process, still have nothing but hard times ahead. Once, if ever, you are approved after going through all of that. You can now look forward to approximately three months for the proper departments to release your payments.

Your monthly payment amount will be based on your income history, family size and other household income, but limited by your state’s maximum amount allowed. In short, barely enough to reach poverty levels. Then, surprise, your Medicaid and Medicare premiums will be deducted from your payment amount automatically. Add in the copayments for your doctor’s visits, prescriptions and specialist visits, you are left with a few options: Pay your bills, so your family has electricity and other necessary utilities, buy groceries so you can feed your family, or pay for a car and fuel so your family has reliable means of transportation.

I know that I am lucky to live somewhere that has disability benefits, but to constantly struggle just to provide basic needs,all while facing the stigma of being a “leech”on the American government.

I didn’t choose to get sick. I didn’t choose to need disability, and I would never purposely choose to have to eek through life with the bare minimum to provide for my family. Next time you hear someone or yourself make a comment or a joke about fat, lazy people living off of disability just to get a handout, think about what would happen to your family if you or your spouse was suddenly disabled.


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