Sometimes I wish knowledge was like, The Matrix. You can choose to take one pill and live blissfully ignorant forever not knowing the dangers of life.

Instead, the veil has been lifted and I can’t un-learn the truth. I know what food I put in my body affects my health. Since I transitioned to a whole food, plant based lifestyle, my health has improved so much. I can be in the sunshine for the first time in years, without burning and becoming ill. My stomach no longer aches everyday. I don’t swell in every part of my body. I don’t have to hide inside while I suffer with constant, unbearable gas.

While that’s all amazing, I still struggle every day. I struggle as I choke down a dry baked potato while my family devours cheesy chicken pastas ice cream treats. I struggle when our cabinets are bare and I have to stay the course, instead of throwing a waffle in the toaster or slapping together a turkey sandwich, I experiment with complicated new recipes and replacements for my lifelong comfort foods. I cheerfully eat my microwaved sweet potato or slurp down my green smoothie because I know if I eat that ice cream or enjoy a bowl of mac and cheese, I will immediately feel it’s disgusting effects on my body. I will suffer from it’s poison for days.
I find it almost impossible to ignore the propaganda that still enslaves my loved ones. I want to scream from the roof tops and make them understand the truth. The sicknesses, the pain, the suffering that is caused by what we are told is healthy.
As much as I would love to continue with my rant, I haven’t written for a few weeks, so I won’t overload this post with my conspiracy theories and rambling, but I will say, please, pay attention to what you are putting in to your body. Read labels, learn the facts and if you choose the pill that brings you to truth, know that it comes with rewards as well as weight of responsibilities.


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